Enter a procedurally generated underground world filled with different kinds of resources.  Figure out how to combine them in various ways in order to construct anti-missile turrets and produce electricity to power them. Survive the onslaught of enemy missiles for as long as you can!

Download the game to play on Mac, or play in browser here (fullscreen so that you can scroll to zoom in/out instead of scrolling the screen)

How to Play: 

  • Move the mouse around and look in the lower left corner for information about the resources you've moused over
  • Use the mouse to left click resources and collect them at your base. (Resources must have a direct path to the base in order to be collectable. If the cursor is green then the resource is collectable, if it is red then there is not path to the base)
  • Select resources you've collected or buildings you can afford from the Placement Panel at the top of the screen, then right click to place them (again, you must have a direct path from your base to place a resource or building).
  • In order to place a building, you must have the resources required to build it. Each time you place a building doubles its cost for the next one.
  • Click and hold to collect or place many resources at once.
  • Scroll to zoom and use the arrow keys or WASD to move the view

What to do at the start:

  • collect the iron and coal resources around you as these are the most useful right at the start
  • collect dirt in a path to the surface so you can place buildings up there
  • place a few Basic Turrets on the surface for initial defense.
  • In order to build higher-tech turrets you need power and steel
  • Steel can be made in large quantities by placing a horizontal line of iron, and then underneath it placing a horizontal line of hot coal
  • Power can be generated by placing hot coal or uranium inside a pool of water, then using dirt to funnel the steam through turbines (see screenshots) 

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See the source of the game at my github


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